28th anniversary of LAWTF celebration endorses female empowerment

Asha Bajaj
4 min readMar 20, 2021

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Los Angeles/Canadian-Media: Dedicated to nurturing and producing over 600, multi-cultural solo artists to date, Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF), the longest-running female solo theatre festival in Los Angeles is celebrating its 28th Anniversary as a virtual presentation from March 25th-30th 2021.

Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival. Image credit: https://lawtf.org

Actorvist Kat Kramer serves on the Advisory Board for LAWTF. Ms. Kramer previously debut her one-woman-show “My Duet With Mick” for LAWTF. Kat is not performing this year but will co-host one of the six evenings of solo performances. On Monday, March 29th, Kat Kramer will host along with actress, writer, director Iona Morris (“Celeste’s Dreams”) two solo excerpts. BOXED IN, SET FREE is the theme and will be presented at 7 pm on Stellar.

Kat Kramer. Image credit: https://lawtf.org

As Kat gears up for the LAWTF Gala and performances, she shared her insight into the 2021 LAWTF festivities with ​Asha Bajaj, Editorial Director of Canadian-Media (www.canadian-media.com)

Asha to Kat: You plan to co-host along with Iona Morris, an evening of performances called “BOXED IN, SET FREE featured on Stellar on Monday, March 29th, 2021 at 7 pm. Can you throw more light on this feature?

Kat: I’ve co-hosted for Adilah Barnes, Executive Producer, (LAWTF Co-Founder) numerous times. It was always “live” before, and this year, we are going online. It will be a different experience co-hosting in a virtual setting, but I have a dynamic co-host in Iona Morris. We have an amazing director, Fay Hauser Price, so we’re in great hands.

BOXED IN, SET FREE will feature two solo performers. The first solo artist will be Petal d’Avril, and her show is titled “Forgetting, Not Forgotten”. It’s about “how her life is abruptly interrupted when her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.” Ironically, I co-starred in the award-winning dramatic short film “Mother’s Day Memories” created by and starring Bill Hoversten. That’s based on a true story about how his mother started suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, and the…



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