63 Moons Technologies partner with major global IT firms, expands into cybersecurity in India

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3 min readFeb 25, 2024
Cyber Security

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IBNS-CMEDIA: Technology provider 63 Moons Technologies has forged alliances with the world’s best cybersecurity firms from Israel to the United States of America to set and spread the practice of protecting individuals and enterprises from cyber-threats across India.

The Mumbai-based IT major said its cybersecurity vertical formed the partnership with top ten global information technology companies to foray into the domestic cybersecurity market and target the comprehensive mobile security and digital infrastructure market.

63 Moons Technologies has partnered with global leading cybersecurity firms, including Blackberry, Resecurity, and Morphisec, to create the best-in-class and comprehensive cybersecurity suite which would provide customised protection solutions to counter cyberattacks in the ever-growing digital Infrastructure market.

“Cybersecurity is paramount for all individuals, institutions, corporate entities, and countries in view of the unprecedented scale and viciousness of cyberattacks. We continue our legacy of innovation and disruption and entering into the cybersecurity domain,’’ said 63 moons Mentor and Coach Jignesh Shah.

In line with the Modi Government’s commitment to providing national security to the country’s digital assets, Shah said, “63 moons introduced path-breaking products and services, enabled through its three verticals — CYBX for every mobile phone, 63 SATS for every enterprise server and CYBERDOME for every city, every state, and the country.”

“They are powered by a Centralised Security Operations Nerve Centre and supported by a decentralised franchise network,” Shah added.

Cmpany’s mentor Shah pointed out: “Europe stands for the industrial economy, the USA for capitalism, Japan for electronics, China for manufacturing and the Gulf is for oil. The Indian economy will be identified as the digital economy of the world based on the vision and environment that has been created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.’’

Neehar Pathare, Tech CEO, 63 SATS, said, “The rollout of CYBX, 63 SATS and CYBERDOME is a testament to our unwavering…



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