A special Live Cookoff by Chef Ajay Chopra of Mumbai, India, & Ajay Chopra of Winnipeg, Canada to kick off Oct 17

Asha Bajaj
2 min readOct 14, 2020

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Toronto, Oct 14: Sponsored by SHER & MDH, an exciting special COVID Cook-off, continents apart, presents SHER Flour Mills and MDH Spices showcasing India’s world-famous Master Chef, the Big Daddy, Ajay Chopra from Mumbai and his namesake local entrepreneur, Ajay Chopra from Winnipeg, Canada’s special Live Cookoff on Saturday, October 17 on Instagram Mumbai 8:30 IST, Winnipeg 10 AM EST, and Toronto 11 AM EST.

“Ajay Chopra from Winnipeg and I connected online, and I was thrilled to learn that I had a Canadian namesake. The Canadian Chopra is a successful community-minded entrepreneur with connections to politics and business. We started chatting, and I really appreciated his warmth and his zaniness. We decided that a Cookoff with my namesake would be fun and cool while allowing me to introduce my fans to Canada. And it will create a larger audience for my signature dish of Butter Chicken,” said Mumbai’s Chef Ajay Chopra an acclaimed culinarian as well as one of the most celebrated chefs in the Indian television and food industry.

Chef Chopra will present his signature recipe of Butter chicken Live which is a favorite cuisine across the globe.

“Butter Chicken is a staple of Indian cuisine, and we felt this was an amazing concept to bring to people Live while learning directly from a master chef and my friend Ajay Chopra. We are proud to sponsor this very unique and rare special COVID cookoff,” says Hari Brar, CEO, SHER Flour Mills.

“It’s a great honor and gift to collaborate for this rare online cooking lesson with India’s leading Celebrity Chef, my namesake, and a wonderful person with whom I’ve forged a friendship. In this Live Instagram session, we will be cooking butter chicken from scratch together for viewers to follow and learn. Our goal is to create a diversion during these challenging times,” says Ajay Chopra from Winnipeg, Canada.

With a passion for public and government relations that grew from a series of internships while still a student, first at the Canadian Embassy in Paris and then at the Canadian High Commission in London, England, Ajay Chopra from Winnipeg also possesses strategies that create mutually beneficial collaborations for clients and their target audience.

Join him Live on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ajaychopra99/

The event is further supported by Growing Pathways to Immigration and also by Imagebuilderz, Canada’s foremost PR experts, who will be Media partners for this unique event.

“We are delighted to come on board as a media partner and look forward to the culinary experience and partnership between Canada’s Ajay Chopra and India’s Ajay Chopra,” says Renu Mehta, CEO, Imagebuilderz in Toronto.



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