CAJ releases Canadian Newsroom Diversity Survey results

Asha Bajaj
3 min readNov 25, 2021

Dear CAJ members,

For the first time in Canadian media history, hundreds of newsrooms have come together to make the inaugural Canadian Newsroom Diversity Survey possible. We are thrilled to be able to share the findings of that survey with you all today.

The survey collected data on 3,873 journalists working in 209 newsrooms across the country and marks the first time that comprehensive race and gender data has been collected for journalists working at all levels in the newsroom — from interns to top newsroom leaders.

The CAJ worked with data analytics experts at Qlik to develop an interactive website to visualize the results. National averages, as well as searchable results for newsrooms with six or more full-time staff, are available there.

The CAJ will be sharing key findings from the survey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn today using the hashtag #CAJdiversity. Please feel free to tag us in any posts.

A few key findings from the survey*

  • In total, the survey collected data on 3,873 journalists working in 209 newsrooms.
  • 52.7 percent of all newsroom staff identify as women compared to 46.7 percent who identify as men and 0.7 percent that identify as non-binary.
  • Of the journalists where race data is known, 74.9 percent identify as white compared to 18.6 percent who identify as a visible minority, and 6.4 percent who identify as Indigenous.
  • About nine in 10 newsrooms have no Latin, Middle Eastern, or Mixed Race journalists on staff.
  • About eight in 10 newsrooms have no Black or Indigenous journalists on staff.
  • 81.9 percent of supervisors identify as white, compared to 1.4 percent who identify as Black, 8.3 percent who identify as Asian, and 4.2 percent who identify as Indigenous.
  • 79.6 percent of outlets report having no visible minorities or Indigenous journalists in one of the top three leadership roles in their newsroom.
  • Black and Middle Eastern journalists are twice as likely to work part-time jobs as full-time jobs.
  • Twenty-seven percent of all interns identify as Asian, compared to 9.1 percent of…



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