Canada Government takes action to fight climate change and grow the economy

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2 min readNov 27, 2020

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Ottawa/Canadian-Media: The publication of the updated Greening Government Strategy, setting new targets for net-zero, green, and climate-resilient government operations was announced Nov 26 by Jean-Yves Duclos, President of the Treasury Board in Canada.

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The updated Greening Government Strategy is accompanied by the Government of Canada’s commitment to reduce its own operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by 2050 national safety and security (NSS) fleet green procurement and employee commuting.

Assertive action is being taken by the Government of Canada to lower these emissions from its buildings, conventional fleet, national safety, and security operations, and its procurement, as well as ensuring its operations and assets are resilient to a changing climate.

Crown Corporations are also being encouraged to adopt the Greening Government Strategy or an equivalent strategy of their own that includes a net-zero by 2050 target.

Sharing an update of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory that tracks GHG emissions from federal operations, Duclos said the government is ensuring accountability for its environmental targets and is committed to the principles of transparency and open data demonstrating there has been a decrease of 34 percent from 2005 in emissions in government operations from its real property and conventional fleet and that the government is on track to meet reductions of 40 percent by 2025.

“By adopting low-carbon solutions for our buildings and fleets…demonstrating real and measurable results. Our goal of a green government within a green and resilient economy will benefit Canadians now and in the future, said Duclos.”

reductions in GHG emissions from federal operations and to increased deployment of renewable power in Canada would be contributed largely by investments in clean electricity.

“Canadians want cleaner air, healthier communities, and a strong economy for their children and grandchildren…This approach will create jobs, attract investment, and ensure markets for Canadian products for the years and decades to come, said Jonathan Wilkinson, Canadian Minister for the Environment and Climate Change.”

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