Canada India Foundation brings out its E-Newsletter, Vol 32, Issue 19, Sep 2021

Asha Bajaj
8 min readSep 17, 2021

CIF E-Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue #19 September 2021

Chair’s Message

CIF India Chapter Takes Off with Full Force

Hello friends. As you all know, we have a federal election coming our way on September 20th, 2021. And for those of us who are fortunate to live in a democracy, elections give us the opportunity to express our deepest feeling and sometimes, suspicions, about our rulers. Voting is one of the most precious rights that we have to get our viewpoints across. Do not waste it.

Not always will you get your wish i.e., the party you voted for comes into power. That’s in the nature of democracy. We have a system that accommodates all viewpoints as represented by our political parties but gives the right to govern to the party with the greatest number of seats. The important thing to do is to participate, and not ignore this opportunity. Depending on what your priorities are for you, your family, your community, and your country choose a platform/party that aligns most with your aspirations.

On September 20 (or earlier at available locations), you get out there and cast that vote without fear or favor for the candidate of your choice and you’ll have fulfilled one of the most sacred duties as a free citizen of a democracy. Leave the rest to history.

We have reported to you already on a spectacularly successful charity golf tournament that CIF held last month that raised a record-breaking over one hundred thousand dollars. Once again, we thank all donors and raffle participants for making this a huge success. We hope that this level of support will continue in the following years. Because the permanent fund being set up is dedicated to the noblest cause — the higher education for the children of the fallen heroes here in Canada as well as in India. We have considerably notched up our plans in the area of helping needy children to pursue education.

That was the thinking behind our recent decision to adopt 75 children in India by extending all support…



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