Canada India Foundation brings out its Jan 2020 E-Newsletter Volume 36 Issue #23

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CIF E-Newsletter

Volume 36 Issue #23 January 2022

Chair’s Message

Time for New Beginnings

Hello friends. Hope this New Year has begun well for you even though we have been thrown back into a lockdown in Ontario due to the persistence of this virus. We may not have seen the end of it, but we are beginning to deal with it more confidently. As new mutations spread through the world there is also a realization that we cannot stop the wheels of progress from moving forward. Both Canada and India show signs of recovery.

India will be the fastest-growing major economy this year and Canada growing at over four percent has not done too badly. It was against this backdrop that we at CIF decided to host a virtual event to bring the focus back to building a deep Canada India bilateral relationship.

It resulted in a very lively and successful virtual event to celebrate Pravasi Bharatiya Divas on January 11 morning. Some of you were also tuned in to listen to the panelists talk on the current state of our bilateral ties and the steps needed to be taken to take this file forward.

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Gary Comerford, Board Member Novelis Inc

What will be the new normal for international trade? Over the past five decades, I have traveled more miles than I care to admit. Whether I was part of a team negotiating to buy a pension company in Chile, doing the due diligence on a Mutual Insurance company in France, or trying to figure out how to open a business in China, I have always been one of the guys on the ground trying to make the deal happen.

I am a free-trade advocate who believes in open markets and letting the fit survive. It is fair to say that Canada has done very well competing internationally, probably because we had to.

With a population of approximately 38 million, we needed to look beyond our borders. The natural target for expansion has been the United States. It is right next door, has no geographic barrier, speaks the same language, and up until now, a willingness to consider the “Great White North” a kind of 51st state. But boy have things changed.

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New Initiative Aims to Complete 750 Million Suryanamaskars Worldwide

India’s 75th anniversary continued to be celebrated across the world with governments and diaspora groups, marking the occasion in several ways. Seventy-five lakh people (7.5 million) from all over the world participated in a recent event when they joined together to offer suryanamaskar (loosely translated as ‘sun salutation’).

The program, named Suryanamaskar for Vitality, was launched by India’s Ministry of Ayush under the ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’. The movement is expected to culminate on the eve of India’s Independence Day later this year.

with a projected attendance record of 750 million Surya namaskars.

Suryanamaskar is a series of exercises (asanas) in yoga that impact the health of the individual beneficial including elevated levels of immunity.

While launching the program, India’s Minister of Ayush, said, “Sun worship is done through Surya Namaskar to improve the physical and mental well-being of people. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, yoga and Surya Namaskar are being promoted for the wellness and health of mankind.”

Yoga enthusiasts and practitioners all over the world are participating in large numbers in the program. Speaking on the initiative, Satish Thakkar, Chair, CIF, and an avid yoga practitioner himself, said,

“This is a gift given to us by our ancient Rishis (Sages). We welcome this opportunity to popularise its benefits to the world. I would urge all those interested to learn more about suryanamaskar and the many benefits it offers.”

A group of eminent institutions and individuals have set up a website,, to track the participation towards setting a world record of 750 million by August 14, 2022. You can register at the site and be a part of this worldwide initiative and get guidance and even receive certificates of appreciation. To register, click here.

CIF Marks Pravasi Bharatiya Divas with Webinar On Stronger Canada India Ties

Toronto, Jan 11, 2022: Canada India Foundation (CIF) marked the 2022 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Global Indian Diaspora Day) with a webinar that saw participation from key people active in the Canada India economic bilateral space. The event was divided into two separate sessions:

1. Stronger Canada India Engagement to Speed Up Economic Recovery. 2. Deepening Ties: Role of Diaspora.

Opening the session, Satish Thakkar, Chair, CIF, noted, “The Indo-Canadian community remains extremely attached to India, having deep family and cultural roots there. We also take pride in being Canadians, enjoying a level of freedom and respect that few other societies offer. In building deeper ties between Canada and India, the role played by the Indo-Canadian diaspora is and will be critical. The enormous goodwill and talent available among Indo Canadians, once united and channeled productively, can help strengthen the bonds between our governments and our peoples.” (Read More)

Inaugural Session

Panel 1

Panel 2


Modi Urges International Investors to Seize the Opportunity

During a recent address to the World Economic Forum, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave details of how his government has eliminated 25,000 compliance-related regulations, making India an attractive destination to do business. (Read more)

Canada and India Need to Work Together to Counter Threats

Writing in the National Post, Canada’s former National Security Advisor, Richard Fadden, and other experts, make the case for a close strategic relationship between Canada and India to counter emerging threats. (Read More)

Interim Trade Deal Likely Between Canada and India

In an interaction with an Indian media outlet, India’s High Commissioner revealed that the Canada-India relationship will take a positive turn after years of uncertainty. (Read more)

Washington Hints at ‘New Chapter’ in Indo US Relationship

White House spokesperson says to expect a whole host of new joint initiatives from security to climate change between the US and India. (Read more)

India’s Forest Cover Grows

India is among a select few countries that have reported increased forest coverage despite the demands of a growing economy. The State of Andhra Pradesh led the nation in adding forest acreage. (Read More)

Equitable Distribution of Vaccines Needed for Controlling Mutants

Vaccine nationalism or the tendencies of the rich countries to hoard and monopolize vaccines stock may have tragic consequences for the world’s fight against containing the virus. (Read More)

ISRO’s New Chief Says Manned Mission Is A Priority



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