Canada-India Foundation brings out its Weekly E-Newsletter Feb 2022

Asha Bajaj
8 min readFeb 20, 2022

CIF E-Newsletter

Volume 37 Issue #24 February 2022

Chair’s Message

Bringing Ontario’s Smaller Municipalities into the Canada India Dialogue

Hello friends. Hope is in the air. At least that is the sense we are getting on the pandemic front. More countries and regions are relaxing the strict Covid-19 protocols put in place at the height of the pandemic. Now that the latest variant, Omicron, while highly transmissible, does not pack the lethality of earlier versions of the virus.

According to many experts, we will soon be settling into a situation when the virus becomes endemic. This means that it will never leave us alone completely, rearing its ugly heads here and there, catching us by surprise. But the good thing is that after two years of its destructive grip on us, we might be ready to live our lives more normally. A word of caution: It is not yet time to celebrate. In the meanwhile, let us continue to be careful and observe public health advice from experts.

This month I want to share with you details on an initiative that CIF is actively working on. A while ago, after consultations with several people, we had concluded that one way we can extend and deepen engagement between Canada and India is by identifying opportunities in our smaller municipalities. We at CIF believe that this is a critical area of cooperation that can turn very productive in the near future. (Read more)

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