Hinduism, the most ancient of all religions continue to illuminate humankind to this day, says CIF

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: As the Hindu Heritage Month in Ontario is nearing its conclusion, it is a good time to ponder, explain and understand ideas and concepts behind Hinduism, the most ancient of all religions that continue to illuminate humankind to this day, Canada India Foundation said.

As a part of Ontario’s Hindu Heritage Month celebrations, a major virtual event would be held on Nov.29, 9.30 by Canada India Foundation in collaboration with several Indo- Canadian organizations.

Hindu Philosophy and its Relevance

The keynote address would be delivered online by Yog Rishi Baba Ramdev, one of the world’s most popular Yoga Gurus, a great orator with an estimated following of 800 million, to celebrate Hindu Heritage in Ontario. Besides, there will be more dignitaries joining the virtual event with greetings to the community.

The event would highlight the salient features of the millennia-long rich Hindu Heritage, said CIF to provide an opportunity to educate and enlighten the rest of Canada on the basic principles that guide Sanatan Dharma, or the Eternal Tradition, a concept that predates all religious texts.

CIF continued to say that primary Hindu texts the Vedas, Upanishads, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharat passed down the centuries first through a robust oral tradition and later through written down texts, which contain hymns, incantations, philosophies, rituals, poems, and stories from which nearly a billion Hindus draw their inspiration.

The combined wisdom inherent in those words, said CIF resulted in creating an inclusive, forward-thinking, and innovative culture encompassing the great discoveries in sciences, logic, economics, politics, and every sphere of human activity to influence the world.

As the Covid19 pandemic has put the whole world in a crisis, it becomes important to consider the wisdom inherent in the Vedic sciences, like that of yoga and Ayurveda. Recent evidence establishes the practices and medicines recommended thousands of years ago for good health and wellness may still be valid in the time of Covid19.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one big family), first found in the Vedic literature, and the only such universal humanistic concept should be considered a crucial guiding principle of Hinduism, said CIF.

Thinkers, scholars, and seekers have made a beeline to the shores of India in search of truth for millennia. Many world figures have been fascinated by the myriad aspects of the Hindu way of life, said CIF and the depth and originality of Hindu thoughts and traditions have been praised its core values in their writings by great men and women

The event is being held with enthusiastic participation and supported by various diaspora organizations.

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