Canada thanks India for helping the world in the Covid fight: Canada-India Foundation

Asha Bajaj
7 min readNov 10, 2020

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CIF E-Newsletter Volume 22 Issue #9 November 2020

Chair’s Message

Increased Immigration is Good News for Canada

Hello friends. There is some really positive development on the immigration front coming from Ottawa. Last week, the federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new immigration target that exceeded all our expectations. Taking into account the shortfall in the annual immigration target this year, Canada has put into motion an aggressive strategy to increase immigrant arrivals beginning in 2021. If and when we get back to some form of normalcy and the air travel gets back to its former levels, we will see 4,01,000 new arrivals next year. This is a huge jump compared to the annual numbers in the past that used to be around 3,51,000. This high level of immigration will continue for three years before a review is done.

India today is the largest source country for immigrants and students in Canada. The rising levels of arrivals from India is a very satisfying development. From around 40,000 back in 2016, nearly 85,585 arrived from India under the immigrant category in 2019. The student numbers, similarly, are through the roof — from 76,000 in 2016 to almost 220,000 in 2019. It is widely accepted that immigration serves Canada well. Over 80% of the birthrate shortfall in Canada is filled with immigration. Clearly, it is a critical input for Canada’s continued prosperity. (Read more)

CIF Speaker Series

“These diseases (arthritis) were defined 5,000 years ago in Sanskrit” — Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma

The second in the CIF Ayurveda Speaker Series got off to a rousing start on October 18, 2020, when Vaidya Harish Verma, whose credentials in Ayurveda span the globe, from India to Europe to Canada (he practices from a clinic in Brampton), explained the value and history…

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