Celebration of “Canadian Hindu Cultural Center, and The Levitate Diwali” is a unique blend of wisdom, youthful energy

Asha Bajaj
4 min readNov 21, 2023
Diwali celebration. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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CMEDIA: Diwali, the Festival of Lights was celebrated last week jointly by the Canadian Hindu Cultural Center and The Levitate Diwali successfully bridging generational and cultural gaps by bringing together many seniors, children, youths and new international students from all faiths and all nationalities.

A vibrant atmosphere that resonated throughout the evening. was created by this unique blend of wisdom and youthful energy.

Two distinguished guests received recognition during this event — Mahendra Joshi, one of the earliest known international students to arrive at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada in 1969 and Savitaben Patel, a dedicated social activist, who is the current President of Sanatan Mandir Seniors Club supporting a large senior community in Toronto since 1972.

Heartwarming exchanges of seniors shared their rich life experiences were featured in this event providing valuable insights and connecting with the younger generation.

In turn a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the stage was brought by the new international students adding an exciting dimension to the celebration.

Encompassing a range of activities, the program included traditional Pooja ceremonies adding a spiritual touch to the evening.

Showcasing their cultural talents through captivating performances, both seniors and students created a delightful fusion of traditions on



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