CIF Newsletter May 2021

Asha Bajaj
7 min readMay 19, 2021

Chair’s Message

Show Your Support for India

Hello Friends. At CIF, we are extremely concerned about the evolving Covid-19 scenario in India as most of you are. The situation is indeed dire, with India’s health infrastructure struggling on all fronts, beset by shortages of drugs, PPE, ventilators, hospital beds, etc. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because the cases are coming down and it is our hope that this trend will continue.

The barrage of some extremely motivated reportage in the media has only helped exasperate people’s sense of desperation. Yes, first let us admit that India is in the grip of a second wave that is taking lives and livelihoods once again. This is a time to show our solidarity with India and work collectively to help India fight the COVID pandemic.

India will eventually slay this monster of a virus. Increased vaccine availability and more effective public health control measures are expected to bring the situation under control soon. We hope these projections come true both for the sake of our brothers and sisters in India and their loved ones here in Canada. (Read more)

Canada India Health Summit 2021


Canada despatches emergency medical supplies to India

Responding to the dire healthcare crisis in India, Canada sent the first batch of medical supplies to India, that included ventilators and anti-viral drug Remdesivir. Ottawa also pledged $10 million to Indian Red Cross. (Read more.)


CIF Met MP Michael Chong

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