Cons Gen of India, Toronto’s procedure of issuance of Life Certificates to pensioners

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Toronto, Oct 20 (Canadian-Media): The Life Certificates to the pensioners will be issued from the Consulate General of India, Toronto.

As per Office Memorandum of Department of Pension dated 11 September, those pensioners who are above 80 years of age may apply and get their life certificates 1st Oct onwards, while other Pensioners will be issued life certificates effective 1st November 2020.

LIFE CERTIFICATE IN PERSON AT CONSULATE — Life Certificates may also be taken in person from the Consulate by making a prior appointment from Consulate at

LIFE CERTIFICATE IN PERSON AT BLS: Life certificates will also be issued by the Consulate from BLS Brampton office situated at 20 Gillingham Drive, Unit 701, Brampton, ON L6X 5A5 with effect from 19th October 2020 with prior appointments.

After registering on the link provided on Consulate’s website, applicants would be informed by email of a particular time to visit the BLS office or the Consulate to get the Life Certificate issued.

The documents required are Duly filled in updated application form (click here) in duplicate; a copy of passport; and proof of address.

Applicants will be required to bring these documents to the BLS office in Brampton, where the applicants would be provided on the spot service. Given the Covid situation, the need to maintain social distancing and face masks are mandatory. In order for the Consulate to serve you better, the public is required to fully cooperate. The Consulate also appeals to the public to visit the respective offices with completed documents while also adhering to the slot prescribed by the Consulate.

Life Certificate by Postal Means: The Life Certificate requests may also be sent by Post/Courier to the Consulate at 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4 along with required documents given below and a self-addressed prepaid envelope for return of documents. For postal applications, applicants are requested to provide local Whatsapp numbers for video chat for verification purposes.

Drop-Off Facility: Pensioners may also utilize the drop-off facility for issuance of Life Certificates, be provided by the Consulate at BLS Brampton (20 Gillingham Drive, Unit 701, Brampton, ON L6X 5A5) and CGI, Toronto (365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4). The applicants will be required to drop-off their duly filled in application forms in duplicate (providing local Whatsapp number for video chat) along with a copy of the passport, proof of address, and self-addressed pre-paid envelope of Canada Post or any courier company to facilitate the return of the service documents, in a sealed envelope. Life Certificate will be issued only after verification of the applicant through video chat.

Consular camps: As in the past, Consular camps will also be organized by the in November — December 2020 for issuance of Life Certificates at various places under its Consular jurisdiction.

​However, this will be completely depending on the evolving Covid-19 situation and the norms prescribed by the Ontario Health Associations. The announcement of such Consular Camps will be made in due course.

Please note that no fee is charged by the Consulate for issuance of Life Certificate. If anybody comes across any instance of the fee being charged, such an incident should be brought to our notice at

Documents required to be submitted are:

  1. Duly filled in application form (Click here)- To be submitted in duplicate.


1. Since the Life Certificate is a document that proves that the person is alive, physical verification is important. Hence, the applicant should come in person to the Consulate/ Consular camp, unless it has been agreed to do the verification remotely through video chat, etc. for which the applicant should provide his/her mobile number (with WhatsApp) to the Consulate.

2. Consulate will not issue any other certificate, namely, re-employment or re-marriage, as these are paid services and should be applied for separately at the Consulate if needed by the applicant.

Processing Time:

At Consular camps/in person at BLS and Consulate: On the spot
Same day Drop-off / Postal applications: 2–3 working days (excluding time taken in the post)

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