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Ottawa/Canadian-Media: With over 20 years of experience, (or since 1997) Bako Design, a freelance web/graphic design service has been offering an integrated package of freelance web/graphic design services including, custom-designed, responsive websites, and print designs.

​​Websites provide online visibility to showcase your products and services to both potential and existing customers directly through social media, email, and digital marketing, and improve one’s business credibility.​

Bako Website Sample. Image credit: Veronika

​For about 19 years, BDEGC has been providing a step-by-step consultation for a business-efficient, and competitive marketing strategy by collaborating with a wide array of clients based on their particular needs and budgets with rigorous adherence to timelines and deadlines.

With a strong passion for design, typography, color and the web, BDEGC blends these four elements together with her use of carvings, drawings and paintings to communicate thoughts and beliefs and is flexible to design a website, logo, brochure and more in any field such as Dental, Engineering, Real estate, Small businesses, and Language Schools, etc.

The involvement of her clients at every stage of the project has been prioritized by keeping in mind their requirements and business goals to deliver a cost-efficient, strategically sound, visually stimulating, and above all, artfully communicated solution.

Services offered are BASIC SEO, Email Marketing, Branding, E-Book Design and presentation, Free 45-minute consultation, Logos, Brochures, creation of Billboards, Posters, Newsletters, and Banners, Power slide or keynote presentations, setting up Exhibition booths, Branding advertisements, and Social media covers and posts.

With the emergence of online marketing such as Email Marketing or Social Media, establishing and identifying your logo is the cornerstone of your branding, and encompasses both one’s identity, marketing campaigns, business cards, etc.

Bako Logo Sample. Image credit: Veronika

It is true that we often feel challenged with understanding the role and relevance of printing a company brochure within the modern digital marketing mix of today. We feel that digital marketing is more favored over more tangible items such as printed brochures and other printed literature such as postcards and printed flyers.

Printed brochures retain their importance even in this challenging digital age as they provide a more in depth understanding of the products and services being offered.

Printed brochure sample. Image credit: Veronika

Indoor/outdoor banners achieve more visibility and are powerful marketing tools for advertising, to animate displays, exhibitions, exterior buildings, and advertising. Banners are simple to manufacture, durable, easy to install, cost-effective, and versatile.

Sample of banner. Image credit: Veronika

Billboards, a 20th and 21st century method of powerful branding and distinctive visual advertising achieve a wonderful visual form of advertising because they do not compete with the clutter of other advertisements. It has been noted that 86% of people agree that Billboards make brands stand out. It allows you to target specific audiences and markets i.e. shoppers, tourists, business travelers, tradesmen, etc.

Example of Banner. Image credit: Veronika

On the other hand, posters offer a more permanent and attention-grabbing way to reach a broad audience than smaller forms of print marketing such as brochures or flyers. With a clean, strong design, posters can leave a strong visual impression that lingers in the mind without breaking your marketing budget. Small businesses, in particular, can profit from the benefits of marketing with posters.

Posters are cost-effective, flexible to design, offer continuous exposure, provide high visibility.
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