Prof Dawn Bazely (centre), Dr Nivedita on left and Prof Arun Prabha on the right
Arun Prabha Mukherjee
Ramesh Sangha, MP Liberal, Brampton
Mr. Ramesh Sangha handing over Certificates from House of Commons to Dr. Nivedita
Dr Nivedita Das Kundu​
Arun Kumar Gautam
Bhram Dutt at the podium
The inspirational recitals by the children of AIM
A momento presented by AIM to some of the organising committee members
Dr Nivedita (ctre),Arun Gautam & Ramesh Sangha left, Bhram Dutt & CIPRI student right
Group Photo Dr Ambedkar Day Celebration



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Asha Bajaj

Asha Bajaj


I write on national and international Health, Politics, Business, Education, Environment, Biodiversity, Science, First Nations, Humanitarian, gender, women