Everything that you do makes our world a much better place’, sings Kat Kramer to Lily

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Los Angeles (United States)/ Canadian-Media: HMP Celebrity Showcase, a new weekly series was launched on Dec 6, 2020, with short segments to honor the contributors’ rich broadcasting history by devoting each month to honoring a single celebrity.

HMP Media Productions. Image credit: Screenshot

A special episode selected from Lily Tomlin’s awards luncheon, held at The Sportsman’s Lodge in Los Angeles, February 17, 2012, was premiered by Hollywood Media Professionals (HMP) to launch the new weekly Youtube series HMP Celebrity Showcase. The award-winning actress, writer, and comedienne, Lily Tomlin, was selected as the “first” Honoree of the Month.

This launch featured an original musical parody for Lily, written and performed by her friend, entertainer Katharine (Kat) Kramer, an actress, singer, journalist, producer, activist, and Influencer.

Kat Kramer. Image credit: Twitter handle

Kat started her special tribute by telling the crowd that all her life she had been dreaming of the day she would “open for Lily Tomlin at the pioneer lunch, right here in Studio City” a humorous reference to the fact Kat Kramer always aspired to be the opening act for Lily Tomlin on the road. At last, Kat had the great chance to ‘open the program’ when Lily was honored with the prestigious Art Gilmore Award at the Pioneer Luncheon presented by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters (PPB), which has been honoring entertainment, music, and broadcasting legends since 1966. Art Gilmore actually founded the PPB in 1966

Kat Kramer sings for Lily. Image credit: Screenshot



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