Faces of war and peace in Yemen

Asha Bajaj
May 28, 2021


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New York/Canadian-Media: Yemenis who have been displaced by years of conflict have been sharing stories of resilience and hope as their country endures what the UN has described as the “largest humanitarian crisis in the world”. More than 16 million of them will go hungry this year.

Abdullah, aged seven, has been displaced by the five-year-long conflict in Yemen. Image credit: © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke
Hend (age 12): “We were on the bus, the road was very arduous, there was bombing and we could hear the sounds of bullets. My life has changed. I miss my friends.”
​Image credit: © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke
Hala, (11) “I have all my toys in Hudaydah, a car, and dolls. What I prefer are my dolls. And my friend Maryam. I am happy when I go to school and play.” Her mother says, “if we eat breakfast, we do not eat lunch. And if we do not eat both meals, we eat dinner.” The UN says Yemen is facing full-on famine in 2021. Image credit: © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke
Angam (11) “We had to leave our home in Hudaydah because of the war. Bullets and shrapnel entered our house, so we left.” Two million children are unable to go to school in Yemen. Image credit: © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke
Kamal (35) “My son has heart disease. The treatment he needs is not available here; I bring it from Hudaydah. The thing that I am most proud of is my son, he keeps me going in life.” More than 80 percent of Yemen’s districts are in severe need of extra health assistance. Image credit: © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke
Fatima (45) “We need to rent a room, we cannot live inside the tent because of the wind and heavy rain. We get wet sometimes and this is really hard”. There are an estimated three million displaced people in Yemen. © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke
Fathi (48): “I have five children and now I have no work due to my injured spine. I don’t know how to manage all this now.” The UN is appealing for $3.85 billion to support humanitarian assistance. © UNOCHA/Giles Clarke

This story was published by the UN.



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