For me, casting has to be right, to be the right energy, authentic, and the commitment of the actors: Patricia Chica

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: Patricia Chica, a Canadian film and television director, producer, writer, speaker, acting coach, and energy influencer, during her conversation, with Robert D’Alessio in Episode 20 of Rob’s Inner Circle Podcast, hosted by Robert — produced by Jenny DuHaime, Robert D’Alessio Productions, and Pax Management in Bobby’s Short Shorts (YouTube/StreamYard/Facebook)— describes the struggles she faced in her script and the casting during the production of her recent theatrical feature film, ‘Montreal Girls’ which would be out in 2021 after 9 years of development.

Patricia Chica in conversation with Robert D’Alessio: Screenshot

Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media brings you the excerpts:

Robert to Patricia: Tell us about your upcoming movie, ‘Montreal Girls’.

Patricia: ‘Montreal Girls’ is the theatrical feature film dramatic coming of age story to be out in 2021 after 9 years of development. It has been a long journey for me and my writing co-partner Kamal John Iskander and the producers of ‘Objectif 9 ’. We have been around the block many many times and they say take rejections as a badge of honor because we were rejected for many years with the script. I always believed this story needed to be told and it is never a match until you get it right with the right partners. That is what I have learned in this process. ‘Montreal Girls’ is a labor of love. It is something that I have been developing with Kamal for many years and it is something that has my full stamp on it. The film is coming out next year, and post-production has already started.

Director Patricia Chica and the Cast & Crew on the set of MONTRÉAL GIRLS. Photo by © Bernard Brault.

To Patricia: Tell us a little bit Patricia about the lead actor, there is something peculiar bout him. He had no experience but he did something extremely courageous. Please share that with your audience.

For many years we had one of the top rising stars of Egypt, Ahmed Malek but once we were able to fund the film with…



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