I believe in telling stories that entertain, inspire, and bring people together, says Bill Hoversten

Asha Bajaj
5 min readFeb 5, 2021

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: Actor-writer-producer-comedian-podcast host Bill Hoversten believes in telling stories that entertain, inspire, and bring people together — through both live and recorded audio and visual media, as well as the written and spoken word.

Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media discusses with Bill Hoversten by e-mail his background in writing and performing, and how his mission is reflected in some current and future projects.

Bill Hoversten. Image credit: Billhoversten.com

Asha Bajaj: What motivated you to enter the entertainment field?

Bill Hoversten: I’m grateful for the opportunity to communicate and connect with people, not just intellectually, but also emotionally.

How did your acting addiction originate?

I began by performing Gilbert & Sullivan and other musicals in community theatre in Boston. I liked it! So I started taking classes at Actors Workshop, Institute for Contemporary Dance, and Boston Conservatory of Music (voice). I must confess, these studies only deepened my addiction!

Songwriters/playwrights Gilbert & Sullivan. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

What motivated you to act in the short film ‘Mother’s Day Memories’ which you wrote and produced?

You know, when I originally had the script over at Hallmark, I didn’t presume to expect that I’d be in the film! I figured if they bought it, it was their choice to cast whomever they wanted. But when I decided to produce it myself, I figured: why not? After all, I had a passing familiarity with the character!

Bill Hoversten (John) with Jody Jaress (Maggie) in “Mother’s Day Memories”. Image credit: mothersdaymemories.com

What challenges did you face in maintaining a balance between your role as a producer with your first-time-film-making, acting and, writing in ‘Mother’s Day Memories’?



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