I made a way out of no way and found a new way to tell my stories to represent myself: Halle Berry

Asha Bajaj
5 min readDec 8, 2020

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Amanda Paris, the author for the weekly column CBC Arts and the host of CBC Arts exhibitionists, the filmmaker, writer of stories for the stage and the screen, an educator, researcher, actor, and community organizer and had hosted many events for TIFF.

Halle Berry is an icon and had spent more than 3 decades breaking down barriers and helped in impressive filmography both in front and behind the camera. This year she returns to TIFF for her very exciting directorial debut film Bruised in which she also stars. The highly anticipated drama is set in the world of MMA fighting.

Halle Berry in MMA fighting

Toronto/Canadian-Media: During one of the conversations series organized by the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) held at Toronto Amanda in a Q&A session with Halle brings out the salient features of Halle’s career, especially her directorial debut.

Amanda (left) in conversation with Halle

Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian Media brings you the excerpts of Part 1 of the conversation between Amanda and Halley:

Amanda to Halle: In 1986 you were the first African-American entering the Miss World Competition and then decided to move into acting. What were you looking for in the acting world that you could not find in modeling?

Halle: I was looking for a voice, looking for an outlet where I could express myself, and explore what I had to say. Initially, I wanted to be a journalist and travel for it all over the world and report on world news. Acting happened with my directorial debut. Not usually following the path that I had set for myself, I followed the path that set before me and has served me really well in my life.

To Halle: One of your breakthrough television roles was the first episode of living dolls. Your first breakthrough film role was playing a woman with a drug addiction in Spike Lee’s ‘Jungle Fever’. Can you elaborate on what happened between these two roles? How did those early acting experiences lead you to that place?

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