I release what no longer serves me, and surrender to service to all His creations: Meri Ramey

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8 min readJul 26, 2021

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: After being absent for a long time from Alignable, when at last Meri Ramey, my spiritual friend connected with me (Asha Bajaj) I was shocked to learn that she is suffering from cancer and from excruciating pain. She has a strong desire that I should share her journey through which she is passing with others. With breaking heart, I picked up the courage to interview her about the bitter experiences she is going through.

Image: Meri Ramey

I request all the readers to pray for the speedy recovery of this beautiful soul, who had surrendered herself to the will of God.

Following is the excerpt of the interview between Asha Bajaj and Meri Ramey:

Asha to Meri When did you realize that you were sick? What symptoms did you have?

Meri: I officially knew I was sick on April 27, 5 days after the walk-in mammogram as the biopsy had come back positive for cancer. I did not have any symptoms of breast cancer.

2. When you learned that you had breast cancer, what was your reaction?

When I learned I had breast cancer, my reaction was this is serving a higher purpose that I cannot yet see, though I trust it implicitly.

3. What was the reaction of your family members? It must have been very tough I guess. I hope you full cooperation of from them?

My mom whom I told first reacted to this news with great shock. But I reassured her that I will be okay. My sisters were next and it hit them all in different ways, but hard. Then my kids, were and are scared, but they have faith in their mom’s strength and follow my lead. My dad took it hard as well. My dad was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma 10 days before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I only told my dad the day before my surgery a month later. My dad and I check in with each other as we have similar treatment times, (he is set 18 weeks of chemotherapy and 20 weeks of chemotherapy to me).

My middle child had the most difficulty and there is a constant reassurance on my part at that moment, I’m right…



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