I tell stories about being an immigrant, may it be the USA or Canada: Trilok Malik

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3 min readAug 24, 2021

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New York/Canadian-Media: New York-based, Emmy-nominated short film ‘To New India with Love’ celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day staring Tirlok Malik (as Prof. Khanna), would be released on various digital platforms by Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, with its world premiere on August 27 at 11.00 AM EST (USA/CANADA) and 8.30 PM IST (INDIA) on the YouTube channel of nritvfilmclub.

Trilok Malik (as Prof Khanna) on the left. Image credit: Mukta Advertising

During an email interview, Asha Bajaj, Editorial Director of Canadian-Media had a chance to discuss with the actor/director Trilok the emotional conflict that comes with the reality of life.

Following is the excerpt of the interview:

Asha: What are your comments on the Indian-American film Industry?

Trilok: There are few filmmakers who make films, but it’s very limited. It needs to be supported more by Indian American Audience. Filmmaking is one area Indians Living In the USA and Canada need to make a bigger mark. There is a lot of talent; hopefully, they will get a chance to shine. I have many local talented artists In my films. I tell stories about being an immigrant, may it be the USA or Canada. I see that when you migrate, there are many emotional conflicts, and through my films, I present a view where one can feel more assimilated and less conflicted. In times to come, I see it growing into a much bigger film industry.

We’ve seen you made feature films with celebrities; what inspired you to make a short film?

As a storyteller, I am not hindered by the length of the film; I wanted to convey a socially relevant message to the youth of India and the 30 million. NRIS.

This is a non-commercial venture with a public service spirit appealing to Indians worldwide. Therefore, I felt content needed to be told through a short film.

What is the journey of this short film other than being released on YouTube?

The film will have its world premiere On August 27, 2021, on the YouTube channel of nritvfilmclub. Following this, the film will be shown on television and on various digital…



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