Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce brings out its January 2021 Newsletter

Asha Bajaj
9 min readJan 20, 2021

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​Toronto/Canadian-Media: Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce has brought out the January 2021 Newsletter.

ICCC January 2021 Newsletter
President’s Views

Vijay Thomas

By Vijay Thomas

2021 promises to be a New Year with a big difference — it will be the year when we will all begin to see the back of Covid-19 — the horrific pandemic that continues to wreak havoc globally.

With the vaccine rollout steadily encompassing large swathes of world’s population, we will hopefully return to normalcy soon. But, as we hasten to leap back to the familiar, let us not forget the lessons that the pandemic and the lockdown have taught us.

And, as a technology entrepreneur, I root for the technological revolution that was ushered in during 2020 in every possible realm of our existence, and especially in the manner in which technology transformed our workspace.

By now, all of you are aware that I have taken over as the 32nd President of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC). We have a new team of directors — all experienced community leaders and nearly all of them successful entrepreneurs.

As the new leader of an established institution, I am aware of my responsibilities and duties and to fulfil them I have chalked out a three-pronged outreach strategy, and a three-pronged internal strategy. Let me adumbrate the outreach strategy first.

Growth — The Indo Canadian Diaspora in Canada especially the GTA has grown exponentially the last 10 years but the ICCC has really not been able to show a similar growth. This can be very easily be done by outreach within the professionally educated and affluent newer immigrants. As we attract a better membership, our membership start to become more aspirational — imagine a “Member of the ICCC” bumper sticker or an ICCC plaque in offices of Indo-Canadians.

Relevance — The ICCC should seek to make itself more relevant in the Indo-Canada business corridor and assist businesses from Canada and from India…

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