It feels like Mother’s Day to me when you are here, says Maggie in ‘Mother’s Day Memories’

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6 min readFeb 5, 2021

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Los Angeles (US)/Canadian-Media: Directed by Matthew Michael Ross, the multi-award-winning and Oscar-contending short film ‘Mother’s Day Memories’ tackles Alzheimer’s struggle in a poignant story based on real experiences of writer-producer-actor Bill Hoversten’s own mother, as she struggled with Alzheimer’s.

Mother’s Day Memories. Image credit: Facebook page

The short synopsis of the film is the development of Alzheimer’s by a woman, with her worsening condition being publicly denied by her husband — as he tries secretly to cure her by himself. When her son tries to convince him that she deserves better treatment, heated arguments and conflicts between them follow until a tragedy leads to the revelation of a family secret that devastates the son.

“This story is an appreciation for my mother, whose love endured even as her memories faded. After initial development meetings at Hallmark, I decided to produce it myself,” says Bill, a first-time Writer-Producer-Actor.

Bill Hoversten. Image credit: Facebook page

Bill introduces the characters and their relationship with a phone call by John (the character he plays) wishing his mother Maggie a Happy Mother’s Day.

The very next moment Maggie’s (played by Jody Jaress) forgetfulness becomes obvious when she asks her son the reason for his call and struggles to remember receiving the flowers and cards he sent her.

Jody Jaress. Image credit: Facebook official photo

When she says she’s unaware that her son lives in Los Angeles, the audience becomes aware of her struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Yet in every moment of the film, John’s tone conveys the poignant love and sadness he feels.



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