It seems like I’ve always been acting and writing, says Jody Jaress

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8 min readFeb 6, 2021

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Los Angeles (US)/Canadian-Media: Director, producer, writer, and veteran actress, Jody Jaress is known for playing multi-layered complex character roles such as a mentally challenged wife, a psychiatrist, a creepy nanny, an agonized nurturing mother, and a lightheaded wife.

During an exclusive discussion with Jody Jaress through E-mail, Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media, learns about Jody Jaress’ adventurous journey in life, as a producer, director, actress, editor, a Jazz musician. She also tells her experiences of her role in the short film, ‘Mother’s Day Memories.’

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​Asha Bajaj: How do you justify the very complicated but true to life role in the short film ‘Mother’s Day Memories’?

Jody Jaress: The role is that of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease and it was an honor to be part of creating this touching story by portraying the mother. Much of my dialog was the exact verbiage spoken from those extremely sensitive moments Bill Hoversten experienced in his life with his mother. Bill’s ability to recreate those moments and then relive them with me, was remarkable. I did my best to do justice to his memory of his mother. In the film, there is information learned, that was not part of the real-life story but certainly added a twist near the end. Sadly, the truth is, Alzheimer’s disease tragically plays out this painful scenario in too many homes across the world. Bill honored not only his mother in this story but all families afflicted and was courageous enough to share it… thus letting others know that they are not alone in their pain.

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You are both an actress and a writer. What motivated you to these fields?

It seems like I’ve always been acting and writing. As a child, whenever I was home alone, I would play out scenarios that I created in my head. I was fortunate that my parents allowed me to spend my Saturdays (maybe Sundays too) at the local movie theater where I would stay for hours on end. I was alive on the…

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