IYC’s event ‘Chai with CG’ discusses key issues, challenges faced by international students in Canada

Asha Bajaj
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Toronto/CMEDIA: International Youth Canada (IYC) organized a special event”Chai with CG” on January 24, in Toronto bringing together 22 student leaders from Ontario Colleges and Universities, educators , and members of the community youth groups.

In ‘Chai with CG’, a platform that has come up as the inspiring driving force for international students in Canada, several key issues and challenges faced by international students in Canada were discussed by the Student leaders with Apoorva Srivastava, Consul General of India Toronto.

These included need for more support from Canadian authorities regarding difficulty in finding rental accommodation, safety and security while travelling on public transits, precarious employment, exploitation, racial profiling. Student leaders shared their concerns with the Consul General including many international students are being misguided by some unscrupulous agencies until boarding flights in India and finding things often quite different when theyarrive in Canada; Odd work shifts/conventional shifts leading students to reduced ability to focus on their academic program, or adding more stress to an already stressful life of newcomers to Canada.

Student leaders brought up out more than 20 areas where some forms of interventions are
essential or desirable. Mrs. Apoorva Srivastava, the Consul General endorsed the need for an action plan to redress or to minimize the impact of most pressing issues, and offered her support. She also encouraged International Youth Canada to create more awareness before or as and when students need it.

Providing more platforms for students to stay connected and reaching out to resources is a key area where International Youth Canada (IYC) and Community agencies can work together.

A non-profit organization, IYC supports students new to Canada to enhance their capabilities through various measures like networking events, awareness building, and guiding and connecting them to resources. The Consulate General of

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