St. Petersburg, FL (U.S.), Mar 22 (Medium): James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art in St. Petersburg, Florida was founded and developed by Tom and Mary James, through their personal relationships with artists and many travels to the American West, media reports said.

The significant collection of the museum consisting of ​over 400 works in the museum, all from the James’ private collection including about 3,000 pieces.

The James Museum has its roots in the deeply felt passion for art and culture shared by co-founders Tom and Mary James, and their love for St. Petersburg, the city where they lived. During their travel to the West, a long time back they were captivated by the art of action and attention to place created by contemporary artists. This led to their buying pieces not only for their personal pleasure, but also to help the artists earn a living.

They started collecting works in oil, in ink, and in stone and soon led to the growth of a vast artistic legacy of emerging artists and living legends.

In doing so Tom and Mary also have succeeded in their aim to share their vision and devotion to art with you and thousands of others.​

The collection, reflecting interests in history, storytelling and the human spirit, are arranged in themed galleries: Introductory Gallery; Early West; Native Life; Native Artists; Frontier; Wildlife; and New West.

Each of these galleries with different colored walls connect to each other displaying hundreds of paintings and sculptures for enjoyment, education, and inspiration.

There are a number of bronze sculptures in the lobby and along the staircases leading up to the main galleries. The visitors can hear the light rush of a granite waterfall that serves as the lobby’s backdrop.

​The introductory gallery (sand-colored) includes an orientation theater along with several…

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