Live: UN chief, Prince Charles, rally ‘coalition of the willing’ to end biodiversity destruction

Asha Bajaj
8 min readOct 2, 2020

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New York/UN, Sep 30 (Canadian-Media): Here’s our special LIVE coverage of the UN Summit on Biodiversity, where activists and senior UN officials are calling for urgent action on biodiversity, to help ensure sustainable development for all.

The Summit has moved on to the plenary, featuring many Heads of State. You can follow the speeches on UN Web TV.

We’ll be back later to bring you the concluding remarks from the President of the General Assembly, and the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed.

Until then, Here’s the perspective of Mohammed Alkhalid, from Saudi Arabia, a UNEP Young Champion of the Earth:

“Young people are the protectors and custodians of planet Earth.

The sustainability of the planet is our responsibility and that’s why I took part in the Young Champions of the Earth to work with experts, exchange ideas, gain experience, and engage with decision-makers to set up laws and incentives to plant trees and to make Saudi Arabia greener.”


Prince Charles, an heir to the British throne, took part in today’s event, and announced, via a pre-recorded video, that he is working with a “coalition of the willing” to put nature, people and planet at the heart of the economy.

The Prince called for a new “Marshall Plan” for a “blue-green recovery’ rooted in a new circular economy, that has nature at its centre, and went on to list some ways to bring this about. These include implementing carbon pricing; accelerating carbon capture technology, including nature-based solutions; and ending “perverse” subsidies for fossil fuels.

“We know what we need to do, but we have to take bold steps now”, he concluded. “So let’s get on with it!”

Fernanda Samuel from Angola is another UN Environment Programme Young Champion of the Earth.
Speaking to UN News she said: “You cannot talk about fighting poverty and economic growth without a serious commitment to protecting natural resources, flora and fauna, soil, rivers and oceans.”

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