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7 min readApr 18, 2021

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California/Canadian-Media: Dr. Maricia Ann Mims Coppertino, Founder and the Director of Operations of Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group as well the Major Fundraiser for Corporations and Professional Executives, and elected as Executive Director to WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE, WOMEN OF FAITH, INC., 2021–2022 opened up with Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media during an E-mail interview to do give a few details of her role as CEO of CAACG as well as different services to the nation.

Dr. Marcia Ann Coppertino. Image credit: Twitter handle

Given below is an excerpt of an interview:

Asha to Marcia: When did CAACG originate? Please give a description of all the platforms in which you are engaged in CAACG, and the services you provide.

CAACG was originated in 1978 as the US International Business System of Corporate, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, Small Business. The services provided by CAACG are in the fields of Business structure and development; Business Advisory and Counsel; Business Management, Reputation damage, Reversal, and Control Press, Publicity in media relations, Worldwide Event singing celebration, Business acquisitions, mergers and closures, and Red carpet ribbon-cutting celebrations and ceremonies.

CAACG. Image credit: Facebook page

What are your roles as a director of operations of this group? How many people are employed in this group? Name a few categories.

My role as director of operations is to oversee staff in graphic services, content development for marketing services to clients, review of content for placement in the community, teaching and instructing staff and clients in business management and business maintenance. We have a staff of seven and 22 outside contractors that help keep the wheels of success for clients rolling.

Tell us in brief about your contribution as a community activist, lover of children, animals, and defender of the people.

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