My approach to work is irrespective of industries. I don’t want to be lost in a crowd: Mimi Chakraborty

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6 min readNov 19, 2023
Mimi Chakraborty marks her Bollywood debut with Shastry Virudh Shastry

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IBNS: Actress-parliamentarian Mimi Chakraborty, a premier member of the Bengali film industry, made her Bollywood debut with Nandita Roy-Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s Shastry Virudh Shastry, the Hindi remake of the director duo’s 2017 Bengali movie Posto. In an interview with IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh, Mimi shares her journey from Kolkata to Mumbai, her experience of starring alongside Paresh Rawal and more…

Excerpts of the interview

Q. You had previously turned down a number of Bollywood projects. Why did you pick Shastry Virudh Shastry for your Hindi debut?

A. For me, it was never about doing a random Bollywood project which comes my way. I don’t jump into any random offers coming from Bollywood. My approach to work is the same irrespective of industries. I don’t want to be lost in a crowd. Moreover, I have worked in the Bengali or the original version of Shastry Virudh Shastry. I knew the script and I had even auditioned for my role in Shastry Virudh Shastry. In a nutshell, I won’t jump into a Bollywood project for the sake of just working on a Hindi film. I will stay away from any project where I have least to work on scriptwise.

Q. How tough was it mentally to be auditioned even after featuring in the film’s original version and also being in the field for long?

A. Honestly, I look at work as it is. I do not have any baggage. I will follow if something needs to be done. I understand the makers wanted to see my dialect since I am a Bengali. They are not supposed to know how good my Hindi is. I had to do a huge chunk from the film in the audition. I just feel people like us, who come from the regional industries, go through this struggle unlike many insiders who have a lineage.

Q. You told us earlier that you were not secured as an actor in the early part of your career to play a mother’s role in Posto. Was it easier this time to play the same role after



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