‘My journey in my spiritual path of service is led by the seeker’ says Meri Ramey, the spiritual leader

Asha Bajaj
7 min readApr 3, 2021

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Canadian-Media: Meri Ramey, the spiritual leader from Colorado (United States) believes that the true path of spirituality starts with the moments of surrender where you find yourself in the freedom of divine spirit.

Spiritual path. Image credit: Unsplash

Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director, and publisher of Canadian-Media had an opportunity to discuss with Meri Ramey about the spiritual journey she has started.

​The excerpt of the interview is as follows:

Asha to Meri: Following the Spiritual path is a noble endeavor. What motivated you to follow this path?

Meri: Following a spiritual path is a noble endeavor. Once you are on this path, it becomes a humble honor to be in service. What motivated me to follow the path of spirituality was the purest calling, it is the tug, moments of surrender where you find yourself in the freedom of divine spirit.

Please highlight your educational background? Was spirituality included in your studies?

My educational background falls into a regular path walked by most, elementary school, to junior high school, to high school and then to Fashion Design school, barber school, and then studying psychology receiving a Bachelor of Arts. ​

One thing I knew, that the expression of understanding how people think without judging was in my DNA and and I knew things that I wouldn’t have ‘known’, as I did not see them happen, but I could see them in my mind.

​Spirituality was a study I did on my own. Knowing things my entire life, having memories from when I was 6 months, I assumed that everyone knew what I did. I had studied bits and pieces until a year and a half ago when push came to shove and I had to jump into my soul’s purpose. I knew what was happening in my life was ‘bigger than me’ and there was no turning around. It was time to step in.

Do you do freelancing? If so where are your articles published?

I perform freelance within spirituality. I have not written any articles on spirituality, or the…

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