​Panorama India’s virtual observation of 72nd India Republic Day from Jan 29–31

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: Panorama India, with the support of the Consulate General of India, Toronto observed the virtual 72nd anniversary of India’s Republic Day ‘in true Canadian style’ as Sumeeta Kohli, Chairman of Panorama India said, during the weekend from Jan 29 — Jan 31, featuring over 8 hours of culture and programming with strict adherence to the current COVID-19 guidelines and regulations laid by the provincial government of Ontario.

Live-streaming of these platforms was held on Sat and Sun on 20+ platforms including social media channels, Facebook, and YouTube as well as many of the local favorite channels on Cable and IPTV., the details of which could be found on the Panorama India website.

Recipient of the coveted Padma Shri among several other accolades, Kavita Krishnamurti Subramanium presented by SBI Canada Bank was selected by Panorama India to be this year’s celebrity judge for the 12th annual Panorama Idol, a premiere episode of which was held on Saturday at 11 am.

During the grand finale, the celebrity legend Krishnamurti taught the finalists by singing. All the 12 contestants competing in the India idol have put together a special concert as a tribute for the Republic Day.

Keeping in mind the importance of community engagement, Panorama India enabled this year’s digital event involvement of community members by allowing them to vote as the 4th judge for the Panorama Idol Competition which was aired both on Sat, Jan 30, 2021, and Sun, Jan 31.

The live Digital Art Contest organized by Tullika Creations was held at 2:00 PM on Saturday participated by junior as well as adult contestants.

The opening ceremony of the actual Republic was held on Sunday at 11 am with the official national anthem of Canada followed by the National Anthem of India.

This was followed by Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford wishing best wishes to all Indo-Canadian communities, Indians, and friends of India in Canada on the observance of the 72nd anniversary of India’s Republic Day by Panorama India and said, “Ontario is proud to have a vibrant Indian community that we can continue to celebrate.”

There were special greetings by Panorama India’s panel of judges for this event.

Other special messages were by Panorama’s brand ambassadors including Renu Kundan, Simrin Rameshraj, Ajay Sharma, Omkar Bhalerao, and Shrijeet Chaudhuri

This was followed by greetings from celebrities Shreya Talpade, Indian actor, Salil Ankola, Indian actor and former cricketer, Sonali Kulkarni, Indian actress, and writer, and Amit Behl, Indian actor, and Joint Secretary of CINTAA.

Folk-Dance segment which then followed was represented by multiple dances by 18+ to represent different layers of all the Indian states. All the images included are credited to the screenshot.

Other special features of this virtual event were the participants of seniors in multiple languages and relaying of special emotional messages from ex-servicemen who worked in India, whom Panorama India considered as legends and celebrities. All the images included are credited as screenshots.

One of the most significant parts of the celebration was ‘Two Legends One Night with Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam and Dr. L. Subramaniamwas during which Sumeeta Kohli had an hour-long chat with both of them.

Yet another special feature of this event was a live digital vendor fair from 9 am — 7 pm on Sunday facilitating live chat with anyone interested. Some vendors launched special programs for the first time in Canada.

The virtual observation of the 72nd anniversary of India’s Republic Day by Panorama India closed with the announcement of the Winner of Panorama Idol, and winners of the Digital Art Competition organized by Tullika Creations.

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