Panorama India’s 73rd Republic Day 2022 celebration to be a unique, historical hybrid

Asha Bajaj
4 min readJan 28, 2022

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Mississauga: With the support of the Counsel General of India, Toronto, Panorama India would be celebrating the 73rd in-person Republic Day 2022 celebration on Sunday, February 27, 2022, at the prestigious Living Arts Center in Mississauga.Republic Day.

The event will be conducted in a hybrid manner where all the artists, performances, and programming will be conducted in person on the main stage and live-streamed to our community via our 30+ TV and digital partners safely to everyone’s homes.

The kick start of the live event at 11:00 with the official opening ceremony with all the dignitaries present in-person and speaking live to the audience watching at home.

The day will then progress with cultural and heritage celebrations in a grand way.

Panorama India is pleased to present the 13th Annual Panorama Idol Competition presented by SBI Bank Canada. The audience will be able to watch the competition live and see each contestant enabling the audience at home to vote online for their favorite Idol winner with 50 percent of the votes by the judges and 50 percent by audience voting.

Panorama India would also host the live Folk-Dance Competition presented by HSBC Bank Canada. one can watch different states across India competing that showcases the traditional folk dances of India. All are invited to attend the official closing ceremony where all the winners of the Panorama Idol, Folk Dance Competition, and the Art Competition will be announced live on stage at 6 pm.

“Panorama India is pleased to bring back the feeling of celebrations and yet still ensure safety and maintain all covid protocols. We are working hard with all our community partners and sponsors to deliver such a unique and special event. As a board, our vision was to hold an event that would be safe and allow all of us to celebrate Republic Day celebrations once again.” stated Sumeeta Kohli, Chairperson, Panorama India.

This year also we are excited to highlight the senior spotlight segment. Throughout the day we will have seniors from our…



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