Panorama India’s 73rd Republic Day 2022 celebration to be a unique, historical hybrid

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Mississauga: With the support of the Counsel General of India, Toronto, Panorama India would be celebrating the 73rd in-person Republic Day 2022 celebration on Sunday, February 27, 2022, at the prestigious Living Arts Center in Mississauga.Republic Day.

The event will be conducted in a hybrid manner where all the artists, performances, and programming will be conducted in person on the main stage and live-streamed to our community via our 30+ TV and digital partners safely to everyone’s homes.

The kick start of the live event at 11:00 with the official opening ceremony with all the dignitaries present in-person and speaking live to the audience watching at home.

The day will then progress with cultural and heritage celebrations in a grand way.

Panorama India is pleased to present the 13th Annual Panorama Idol Competition presented by SBI Bank Canada. The audience will be able to watch the competition live and see each contestant enabling the audience at home to vote online for their favorite Idol winner with 50 percent of the votes by the judges and 50 percent by audience voting.

Panorama India would also host the live Folk-Dance Competition presented by HSBC Bank Canada. one can watch different states across India competing that showcases the traditional folk dances of India. All are invited to attend the official closing ceremony where all the winners of the Panorama Idol, Folk Dance Competition, and the Art Competition will be announced live on stage at 6 pm.

“Panorama India is pleased to bring back the feeling of celebrations and yet still ensure safety and maintain all covid protocols. We are working hard with all our community partners and sponsors to deliver such a unique and special event. As a board, our vision was to hold an event that would be safe and allow all of us to celebrate Republic Day celebrations once again.” stated Sumeeta Kohli, Chairperson, Panorama India.

This year also we are excited to highlight the senior spotlight segment. Throughout the day we will have seniors from our community showcase their talent whether dance or song in the senior spotlight segment.

“We are proud to work closely with the community to showcase the best of the best in artists, performers, and programming that we hope the community will enjoy and allow them to celebrate the heritage and culture of India,” said Anusha Iyer, Director of Programming.

All the live presenters will be required to present vaccination proof to ensure the safety of everyone. This event marks our continued road to recovery and this year, more than ever, it’s important we celebrate our culture and heritage as we come together as a community.

“Everything has been planned with your health and safety in mind,” stated Vaidehi Bhagat, Vice-Chair, Panorama India.

Join us virtually to watch live performances, vote for the 13th annual Panorama Idol, and win prizes!

“Being able to witness different forms of dance will truly be an experience, not to be missed”, stated Sanjay Agarwal, Vice-Chair, Panorama India.

In addition, the event will be live-streamed directly to the 30- 35 Digital Media partners across Canada, the US, and India.

“We want to ensure you are able to enjoy from the comfort of your home and you can experience Republic Day 2022 celebrations.” shared Janak Bhawani, Chief Financial Officer, Panorama India.

Panorama India once again announces our Virtual Republic Day Art Competition, presented by our sponsor Colour Happy, for all ages ranging from kindergarten to adults.

Registration for the contest closes on February 1st with 2 of the 5 sections already full and closed. The contest will be conducted live, online on Sunday, February 6th, 2022, ensuring safety for all kids.
The winners of the art competition will be announced live on stage on Sunday, February 27th, 2022 at the closing ceremony at 6 pm.

“Once again we are looking to put themes such as the National Flag, Indian Monuments, Indian heroes, Indian festivals and other India Day topics to allow children and adults to showcase their love for India via art,” said Arun Chauhan, Director of Digital Technology and Thomas Thomas, Director of Community Relations and Logistics, Panorama India.

“Panorama India website will have all the latest information, voting links, and registration links. We work hard to keep our website in real-time and ensure it is easy to navigate” stated Tanvir Kaur, Director of Digital Media and Logistics, Panorama India.

Panorama India will be releasing more information on our social media throughout the month of February as we get closer to the Republic Day Celebrations.

“The links to vote, contests, and up-to-date programming information are all going to be available on our social media platforms. We ask you to please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter so as not to miss out on these important events“ shared Soumya Mishra, Director of Social Media, and Shibani Sahney, Director of Social Media, Panorama India.

Panorama India is a non-profit organization and conducts all events for free. We can only do this with the help of our sponsors and community organizations. Thank you to our Diamond Presenting Sponsors — Tourism Mississauga, SBI Canada Bank, and HSBC Bank Canada. We also want to thank our Gold Sponsors — ICICI Bank Canada, and Kotamarti Group. Thank you to our official Airline partner, Air Canada. We are grateful to our community partner, Raptors 905. Thank you to our partner organizations Canada India Foundation and Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

“We thank our sponsors and partners for supporting Panorama India allowing us to deliver such grand events to the public for free” shared Ravi Rawlani, Director of Finance, Panorama India.



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