Rakesh Mishra, motivational speaker with a mission to change mindsets

Asha Bajaj
3 min readApr 26, 2019

Markham, Apr 26 (Medium): Rakesh Mishra, award Winning Speaker and Motivational Coach was present at Vedic Cultural Centre, Markham, Ontario on April 23 to address the audience with a mission to change the mindsets of people to succeed in life.

Rakesh Mishra in Vedic Cultural Centre

With a mission to influence the lives of a billion people in his lifetime, Mishra had on several previous occasions addressed audiences on more than 200 stages and inspired and motivated more than 100,000 people in several countries.

Speaking at the Vedic Cultural Centre on Apr 23, Mishra said everybody has a right to achieve their dreams and to live life with freedom and abundance and presented a simple concept of helping people digitize their knowledge and experience to transition their skills.

Mishra added that the six pillars of Life covered by his life management program, Health, Wealth, Family, Career, Social Life and Spirituality, can be achieved by building the right mindset.

“These are the six pillars that affect people in one way or another”, said Mishra addressing an audience of around 60 people on April 23. “One or more of these pillars is affecting your journey through life. Towards this end, I help people understand their hidden self, explore their deepest desires and realize their potential, providing individuals and groups with coaching in self-improvement, public speaking, interpersonal skills, corporate training as well as salesmanship.”

Audience of Vedic Cultural Centre

Mishra, the speaker and the coach, called himself a real Slumdog who actually had to work very hard to overcome the stumbling blocks in his life to find success.

Originally from an Indian village, he said to the audience, that two main stumbling blocks of his life, which he had to overcome after coming to Canada, were: poor English knowledge and poverty.

Mishra said that he was able to overcome these roadblocks by adopting the philosophy of stretching beyond one’s comfort zone and succeeded in becoming a millionaire

“I believe that despite numerous challenges, if I can do it, then anyone else can change their destiny. The key thing is to explore your internal path and follow that defined path to success,” says Mishra.

“One major challenge was the death of my wife during childbirth when I was in my 30s. My initial plan was to commit suicide that was soon replaced with a fighting spirit that gave me strength to face adversity.”

After Mishra came to Canada, he challenged himself and in the end succeeded in recreating his own destiny.

“Not only did I learn to speak the language, I joined organizations like Toastmasters where I got a new perspective of life to live with full abundance and clarity,” said Mishra.

Mishra’s great desire to share his life’s experiences to inspire people all over the world motivated him to become a public speaker.

Today, Mishra offers coaching programs through 4-hour workshops or individual/group coaching.

“I have a simple concept to help individuals, groups and corporates utilize their hidden potential, make breakthroughs and work towards positive thinking, tap into their innermost desires while sweeping away fears, complexes and negativity from their lives. The objective is to inspire audiences replace half their salary working part time and transition to full time entrepreneurship and live life with freedom and abundance,” he says.

(Reporting by Asha Bajaj)



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