​‘Mother’s Day Memories’, a short film tackling Alzheimer’s struggle contending for Oscars

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Los Angeles, January 26/ Canadian-Media: This multi-award-winning short film ‘Mother’s Day Memories’ looks intensely and provocatively look at a woman with Alzheimer’s at the center of her son’s agitation and her husband’s denial and Alzheimer’s effect on a family.

Mother’s Day Memories Movie

The short synopsis of the film is a woman’s development of Alzheimer’s and her condition being denied to others by her husband, who tries to “cure” her with his homemade regimen. Her son convinced she deserves better treatment, fights with his father. The conflict escalates until a tragedy leads to the revelation of a deep family secret.

Based on Writer-Producer-Actor Bill Hoversten’s own mother’s story, the short film not only dispels myths about Alzheimer’s in the spirit of Oscar@ winner Still Alice, but it also evokes compassion for those affected by the disease.

Bill Hoversten

The cast of Jody Jaress, Conrad Bachman, and Kat Kramer (daughter of Oscar@ nominee Stanley Kramer Director and Producer of Judgment at Nuremberg, High Noon, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and others) is directed by Cannes-nominated Matthew Michael Ross.

From L to R: Keith Jefferies; Bill Hoversten; Jody Jaress; Kat Kramer, Matthew Michael Ross, and Sarah Bahr

FILM: https://mothersdaymemories.com

TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/422256934

The film was acclaimed by Alzheimer’s support organization in Los Angeles by stating it “makes the case for understanding and empathy toward those struggling with Alzheimer’s.”

With a growing number of individuals, as well as their loved ones and caregivers, being impacting by Alzheimer’s, the short film ‘Mother’s Day Memories’ could not be more timely.

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