The documentary ‘Divine Dancers In Heaven’ showcases dances of Tamil Nadu

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: Directed and produced by Ken Kandiah ‘Divine Dancers in Heaven’ is a documentary that showcases the dances of Tamil Nadu, well-known for its cultural paradise for several celebrated folk dances.

Sevenhill Pictures, a Canadian film & television production company, based in Toronto, is responsible for producing this documentary under the directorship, and being produced by Ken Kandiah.

Sevenhill Pictures Production company also produces motion pictures, television dramas, documentaries, and web videos & video commercials.

Sevenhill Pictures is equipped with the state of the art technology from film cameras, professional lighting, sound recording system, editing machine, and computer graphics, and with a professional team, scriptwriters, production designers, directors, and video editors, etc. also provides production management services from scripting to final cut to first copy.

Considered a cultural paradise, Tamil Nadu well known for several celebrated folk dances. Traditional dances in Tamil Nadu have long been a sacred expression of faith, some of which performed by Tribal people are still thriving in Tamil Nadu today. Many forms of group and individual dances with the classical forms for popularity and sheer entertainment value are also thriving in Tamil Nadu today.

Some examples of popular dances of Tamil Nadu are Bagavatha Nadanam, Bommalattam or Puppet Show, Bharathanatyam (a world-renowned Classical Dance from Tamil Nadu), Chakkai Attam, Devaraattam, Kamandi or Kaman Pandigai, and many more.​

A Canadian producer, director, and writer, Ken Kandiah possesses not only excellent production skills but also award-winning direction skills with which he has written, produced, and directed some feature-length films and documentaries in English as well as Urdu/Hindi language.

Ken has been awarded the best director award for the International Feature Film Romeo Romances (Beneath the Skin — The Untold Story — previous name)’ at the New York International Indy Film &Video Festival in Las Vegas, U.S.A. (April 2002). ‘Romeo Romances also garnished the best Romantic Drama and the Best Foreign Feature Film awards.

After qualifying in filmmaking and direction programs from US and Canadian film schools, Ken participated in many filmmaking workshops and delivered lectures on direction and production.

The documentary ‘Divine Dancers in Heaven’ is in post-production and its release date has not yet been finalized.​

Filmed in Sevenhill Pictures, based in Toronto, Ontario, Cinematography of the ‘Divine Dancers in Heaven’ has been provided by Francesco Bori, and sound provided by Dave Moffat, Karukurichi Arunachalam as an artist, and the songs are Western Notes Raga — Sankarabharanam Tala — Adi.

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