The feature film ‘Pearl in the Blood’ is a tale of rapes, killings based on the Srilankan civil war of 2009

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Toronto/Canadian-Media: Filmed in Tamil Nadu in 2019, ‘Pearl in the Blood’ is a feature film produced, directed, and written by Ken Kandiah, and is based on true events of the Srilankan civil war of 2009 depicting a lethal society of numerous rapes, crimes, and killings.

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A basketball player-turned-actor, Sampath Ram stars in the ‘Pearl in the Blood’ and reveals what it takes to play the bad guy in films, with constant fear that keeps him on his toes.

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‘Pearl in the Blood’ shows the horrible crimes and shootings committed without any judgement and portrays the menace of deadly rapes and missing brothers. The film raises awareness of the loathing conditions prevailing in Tamil Nadu where the criminals just escape and not being punished. Many parents mourn for their whole lives about the loss of their beloved daughters, many husbands lose their tortured and raped wives. Any attempt on the part of the victims to save themselves result in their murder.

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The film did not use live sound only used dubbing. Other actors in movie are kalpanasri and Godwin. The release date of the film has yet not been reported.



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