The Inner Wisdom Community is dedicated to the conscious evolution of humanity

Asha Bajaj
5 min readMay 7, 2021

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Colorado/Canadian-Media: The Inner Wisdom Community (TIWC), an intentional community dedicated to the conscious evolution of humanity, brings decades of brilliant teachers’ our own evolution with technologies, and wisdom traditions to people in Colorado and online to offer support for your journey of self-discovery through gatherings, retreats, and workshops as well as private sessions.

Inner Wisdom Community. Image credit: Facebook page

During an E-mail interview with the Board members of the TIWC, they highlighted the origin as well as the contribution of this community to Asha Bajaj, the Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media.

Given below is the excerpt of the interview:

Asha: When and by whom was the Inner Wisdom Community originate? What was the driving force for its origin?

TIWC: TIWC was formed in Oct 2018. All of the board members Of IWC in divine timing came together. The board members are Darren Sadge, Ron Zastrow, Kristin Zastrow Lukela, Danny Parizek, Dana Suazo, Carrie Christensen, and Ashley Dordal. In their creation together Inner Wisdom was formed for the purpose of bringing spiritual light and experience and create new processes that can be shared in a loving environment.

Asha: Highlight the use of technologies and wisdom traditions employed by the practitioners while trying to awaken the inner wisdom of the people both in Colorado and online? What are some of the approaches used?

TIWC: All of the board members are trained under many different modalities. Some using multiple modalities to create and awaken. The modalities of shamanism, meditation, energy healing, and science all come together to embody and enlighten our true selves. We provide these modalities to the members and it is an open and receiving community that welcomes others’ ideas on a frequent basis.

Asha: How did you raise awareness of these services among people of varied backgrounds and from various nationalities? Did you distribute any literature for it?



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