Travel and Tourism Trends in 2023

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IBNS: 2022 is over and so Fareportal online travel agency brand CheapOair is sharing its take on the travel and tourism trends shaping up for 2023. In an article published last week on the CheapOair blogsite MilesAway the author sheds light on some of the bigger developments affecting travel in the next year, ranging from the changing requirements for European travel, into the future with a discussion on flying taxis.

Trend #1 — European Travel — Schengen and ETIAS

The Schengen Area creates the largest visa-free travel zone in the world and comprises 26 European countries that have opened their borders to allow free travel among the various independent states. The European Travel Information and Authorization system, ETIAS, provides e-visas for travelers from outside the EU and Schengen areas.

Trend #2 — Real ID

Scheduled for the spring of 2023, the official rollout of Real ID has been delayed until 2025. Why is the path to Real ID so long?

Trend #3 — Bill of Rights for Disabled Passengers

The Airline Passengers With Disabilities Bill of Rights has been around since 1986, but the US Department of Transportation recently issued a consolidated version to clarify what the Bill of Rights covers.

Trend #4 — Flying Taxis

Sustainability is a topic that is being taken very seriously by the airlines, and the travel industry as a whole. Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicles or eVTOLs are powered entirely by electricity and are being developed by innumerable start-ups around the world. How will the necessary infrastructure and regulatory oversight be created to support this dramatic new addition to transportation?

Trend #5 — Authentic Travel

As demand for travel grows, passengers are increasingly seeking an experience that is unique to their own personal tastes and areas of interest. One sought-after approach is for what is being called Authentic Travel. Advancing technology is providing the systems required to identify and experience locales at a deeper level. A variety of Apps are making it easier to create an authentic experience, providing support with local languages, guiding travelers to local eateries and identifying local events.

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