‘Tribes’ a short film co-produced by Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica to be considered for Oscar® Nomination

Asha Bajaj
4 min readDec 8, 2020

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(Los Angeles, CA)/Canadian-Media: After winning the best comedy award at the LA Shorts International Film Festival, where Nino Aldi’s live-action short film TRIBES surpassed 70,000 views, the Hollywood celebrity reporter Perez Hilton’ proclamation that the film “Is A Potential Oscar Nominee!” and soon became part of the Academy Awards conversation among fans and industry members.

The current societal conversations around race, division, and identity reflected in TRIBES’ are imbibed by the audience by a good laugh.

“This short film has a rather unusual trajectory because, in the beginning, the festival programmers considered it simply as a comedy with a positive message. But following all the social issues that we have experienced this year 2020, such as Black Lives Matter and the US Elections, the film took on a whole new dimension in the public and media’s consciousness.” explains Canadian producer Patricia Chica. “The message of this satirical film is important for opening the discussion, and in a fun way, on the issues that divide humanity. Plus, who doesn’t need a good laugh these days?” she adds.

Patricia Chica. Image credit: @GeovannySolis_GOODy

“Our society needs meaning and positivity and it does help to discuss serious issues while having a good laugh,” says director Nino Aldi, “and this is exactly what TRIBES offers in 10 minutes,” he adds.

Nino Aldi. Image credit: Fixseed Productions

The themes of inclusion, diversity, and unity in this powerful and thought-provoking dark satire, unfold during a train ride between two stations as an African-American, an Arab-American, and a white man trying to rob a train when no one wants to rob their own…



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