UNDP and UN Women launch COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker

Asha Bajaj
4 min readOct 4, 2020

UNDP and UN Women’s newly launched COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker shows the social protection and jobs response to the pandemic has largely overlooked women’s needs, the UNDP reports said.

UNDP with support from DFID and the Bangladesh government is rolling out $1.5 million in emergency support for 50,000 poor urban families. Around 1200 community workers, with full personal protection, are working on the ground to promote coronavirus prevention awareness, and distribution of hygiene packages that include soap and hand sanitizer, among poor urban households. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh/Fahad Kaizer

New York, September 28 — Most of the world’s nations are not doing enough to protect women and girls from the economic and social fallout being caused by the…

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