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US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Image credit: Wikipedia

New York: The exhibitions of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum are divided into Current Exhibitions, which also include the Permanent Exhibition: The Holocaust; Traveling Exhibitions, and Online Exhibition.

Current exhibitions

Permanent Exhibition: The Holocaust

This exhibition is also a current exhibition that offers a chronological narrative of the Holocaust through historical artifacts, photographs, and film footage spans three floors containing personal objects and the eyewitness testimonies of individual survivors.

Americans and the Holocaust: This exhibition examines the motives, pressures, depression, isolationism, xenophobia, racism, and antisemitism shaped responses to Nazism and the Holocaust. It also reveals how much information was available to Americans at the time and also question why rescuing Jews was not a priority, except for a few individuals who took the risk to help.

Burma’s Path to Genocide: With audio, video, photography, and first-person testimony, this exhibition explores the history of the Rohingya and how they went from citizens to outsiders and became a target for genocide,

American Witnesses: The special exhibition American Witnesses highlights the experiences of American men and women who saw first-hand evidence of Nazi atrocities. Using their oral and written testimony, photographs, and film, it explores their reactions and efforts to expose and document Nazi crimes, and to nurse starving and ill prisoners back to life.



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