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Los Angeles (California)/Canadian-Media: Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Founder and CEO of the Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group (CAACG) had a chance to discuss with Asha Bajaj by email the future of Black Women in America and various contributions of CAACG to their cause.

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Following is the excerpt of the interview:

Asha to Marcia: What hope is there for American black women especially those in underserved communities and those with little or no education and are refused help from educated women?

Marcia: There is very little hope for women in rural areas and other areas of America where traditionally black women are poor, toothless, saddled with several children, teens, uneducated, and uncared for. They and their children have a tendency to be raised by women of the same caliber who have never attended high school or college.

Part of the problem is that many black women who have the luck and assistance to leave areas where they get the chance to attend college, meet and marry men who can better support them and their needs, and who want to advance economically as a couple while their childhood friends are left behind.

These women seldom if ever look back to help others out of the depths of misery and they do not practice the Harriet Tubman way of life. She helped hundreds if not thousands through an underground railroad rather than run off to her own new way of life. She could not lay in the hay and horse barn hearing the screams of sadness from those left behind in slavery.

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Already you see scores of educated black women who boast and brag about how they made it over but how many stories do you see, modern stories of those stepping outside their walls or education bowing down to help others. Instead, they choose to sit in 2o- story office buildings drawing a big paycheck, dining in expensive restaurants after work not looking…

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