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Toronto/Canadian-Media: Award-winning authors Lillian Brummet & her husband Dave Brummet are the team behind Brummet Media Group and have been writing as a team since 1999 with each contributing to their talents; Dave’s editing formatting and graphic design and Lillian’s research and marketing skills.

Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director, Publisher, and Marketing of Canadian-Media (www.canadian-media.com) had the privilege of learning about Brummet Media Group and their various contributions during an email discussion with them.

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Following is an excerpt of the interview:

Asha to Lillian and Dave: You both are prolific writers. What motivated you towards writing & blogging?

Lillian and Dave: Writing is a way to bring more value to the time that we are given, honor people who have worked hard to make the world a better place & give readers tools to live a conscious & proactive lifestyle.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: What are the main themes chosen for your writing?

Lillian and Dave: Over the last 2.5 decades we have written in many different genres including book reviewer, product reviewer, blogger, columnist, freelancer, author & staff writer positions. We focus on topics that highlight inspiring topics that motivate actions, which lead toward a proactive, positive & sustainable culture.

Asha to Lillian and Dave: What are the book genres in which you write?

Lillian and Dave: All 6 of our current books are in the non-fiction genre. Trash Talk — It’s Easy To Be Green is a 2-book green-living series. Book 1 lists items commonly found in the trash or recycling bin in alphabetical order, it discusses facts, stats & alternatives like rent, reuse, repurpose, refuse, recycle, & reconsider for each item. Book 2 goes a bit further re: water conservation, composting, energy saving tips & organic homes/offices. Towards Understanding is a collection of 120 non-fiction poems telling the story of a young girl on her own at…



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