We should not disturb or destroy nature to ensure environmental balance, says Yuri Sanada

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5 min readOct 25, 2020

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Canada, Oct 25: A Brazilian film producer and environmentalist, Yuri Sandra in developing projects that center on conservation, self-designed film studio and home, “Casa Orgânica”, sustainably built with recycled materials like old tires and PET bottles.

​Yuri Sanada. Image credit: Screenshot

Collaborating with the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Canada, including the first Brazilian IMAX educational film, Amazon Adventure 3D, the studio produced a suite of environmental films.

His latest project was a TV series titled Phoenicians Before the Columbus Expedition, in which a replica of a 600 BC Phoenician ship is sailed from Tunisia to the USA, measuring the number of micro-particles of plastic in the water along the way. Sanada is currently developing his latest film, Amazon River: from Ice to Sea Expedition, and will travel the entire length of the most powerful river on Earth.

Yuri Sanada talks about his projects in the following video:


Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media brings you the excerpts:


1 To Sanada: Tell us about some of the projects you’ve worked on.

Most of our projects and series productions were based on nature, travel, ecotourism, social inclusion, history, and adventure with an important message to preserve the world we live in. Our series about wildlife were produced in different ecosystems, urban families experiencing nature, indigenous tribes, scuba diving destinations, and more. Our co-production with Canada and the UK called Amazon Adventure 3D, the first Brazilian IMAX film, our biggest production is about a young Englishman Henry Walter Bates, who spent 11 years in the forest capturing species, cataloging and sending them to museums and private collections in England. Apart from cataloging 14 thousand species, 8 thousand of which were new to science, and his discovery of the concept of mimicry, he also authenticated Charles Darwin’s…



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