With all music and art, there lives inside of it, the soul of its creator: Filmmaker Jennifer Kramer

Asha Bajaj
6 min readApr 22, 2021

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Jennifer Kramer is an auteur filmmaker who combines multiple talents into a unique and original filmmaking style. Her short film NAKUSA is the first in a series of shorts that combine music, social issues, and avante garde storytelling. During an E-mail interview with Jennifer, Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media had an opportunity to learn about her various talents and skills.

Jennifer Kramer Credit: Harry Langdon; NAKUSA Poster (R).credit: Michael Adrian Lockett.

Excerpts of the interview:

You have a passion for music. At what age did you develop this passion for music?

My passion for classical music goes back to my childhood. A friend in grade school played pieces by Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven and I was fascinated.

She was my childhood idol. We had a piano at home and I started to play by ear to imitate her. I would get the books she graduated from and with the help of a musical chart pluck out the notes of the pieces she had previously played for me. This gave way to me composing my own pieces.​

I really started as a self-taught composer and loved composing for important people in my life that I admired.

Unfortunately, I never learned to read music so there really is very little record of the music I composed because I could not notate it. I kept it all in my memory or on little cassette tapes. I originally thought that I might compose for film because my family is in that industry.

I have been an actor since my childhood playing parts in television and film. Both my mother and sister are actors and my father a producer/director. So, I guess it was in my genes. But, I worried about how to create my own identity since my whole family was in the entertainment industry. But in high school, I started to take the craft of acting very seriously and auditioned for the Carnegie Mellon acting program and was accepted. So, I went and began serious training. I also studied in New York at a school called the New Actor’s Workshop that director Mike Nichols taught at.

In New York, I found my own identity training in the theater and loved the discipline and…

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